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Dealmaster: Best cheap office chair deals

Dealmaster: Best cheap office chair deals


An ergonomic chair provides many health benefits. A proper task chair, for example, can prevent abnormal strain on the neuromuscular system, according to a 2012 research paper published by the National Institute of Health. Better posture support, reduced back and neck pain, and improved circulation are among some of the benefits as the chair helps keep the spine, neck, and hips aligned. Chairs with a headrest also add support for the back and shoulders, according to Open Access Government.

If you’re shopping for an office chair and don’t want to spend a ton of money on bigger brands like Herman Miller, there are plenty of affordable options that are on sale today. We’ve curated some of the best deals on designer office chair dupes before deciding on making a larger investment. Although these models don’t necessarily have all the research and development that goes into more premium brands, like Steelcase, our latest Dealmaster deals make for a great entry point for those new to ergonomic chairs.

Herman Miller Aeron dupes

Herman Miller

Herman Miller’s Aeron chair has been a fan favorite among our editorial staff and with office workers for years due to its comfortable design. No one wants a sweaty back after a long work day, and the Aeron’s use of a mesh construction for the back and seat helps prevent heat from getting trapped for long sitting periods.

“[The Aeron] helped to hasten the acceptance of high-priced task seating at home as well as in the office, and it became known both as a great chair and also as the desk fashion accessory de rigueur in the Dot Com Bubble days,” our editors noted in our Chairs Technica roundup.

The mesh also is very comfortable to sit in and cocoons your body like a strong hammock. The downside is that the Aeron can get very expensive, as it’s designed for businesses with large budgets, but our editors found plenty of value and benefits in the adjustable armrests, the lumbar support, and the stellar warranty should the mesh wear out.

Fortunately, there’s a nice dupe if you want to test Herman Miller’s styling without the steep price. Gabrylly’s ergonomic chair utilizes a similar mesh design to Herman Miller’s Aeron, and this one adds a headrest for added comfort and neck and shoulder support. The chair is advertised to support your head, back, hips, and hands, and it comes with adjustable seat height, headrest, backrest, and flip-up armrest.

  • Gabrylly mesh office chair for $216 (was $330) at Amazon

For today’s deal, the Aeron dupe is available at a 35 percent discount from its normal retail price, bringing it down to $216—12 percent the cost of the Aeron.

  • Flexispot OC3B office chair for $180 with $10 coupon (was $190) at Amazon

Another chair with breathable mesh construction for both the back and the seat is Flexispot’s OC3B. The Flexispot task chair also has an adjustable headrest and plenty of seat adjustments for comfort.

More affordable alternatives to Steelcase Gesture design


Steelcase’s Gesture chair is another favorite among fans of clean office furniture design, and the company’s task chair comes with excellent back support and plenty of adjustments. In our look at the Gesture, we appreciated all the granular customizations and the chair’s simple design.” You can change the recline tension from nearly immovable to freely reclinable, and everywhere in between, further bolstering this chair’s wide appeal,” our editors said of the chair. “There are four lockable positions within this range, as you’ll get on most other chairs, but the tension adjustments make for perfect in-between flexibility.”

  • Steelcase Gesture for $1,107 to $2,456 at Steelcase

Like the Herman Miller chairs, the Steelcase Gesture costs a pretty penny, and the Gesture can retail for more than $2,400 when fully configured.

  • Vari executive task chair for $495 with 10% coupon (was $550) at Amazon
  • HON Ignition 2.0 office chair for $391 at Amazon

If you admire the Gesture’s sleek design, Vari’s executive task chair and HON’s Ignition 2.0 office chair are good alternatives at a fraction of the price.

Although Vari’s chair doesn’t come with all the same granular adjustments as its more premium counterpart, the executive task chair offers many customizations for the armrest, providing height, angle, and forward and backward positions, as well as pneumatic seat height adjustment, adjustable back tension, tilt and lock controls, and seat depth tuning.

Herman Miller Embody not-quite dupes

<strong>Left:</strong> Herman Miller Aeron. <strong>Right: </strong>Herman Miller Embody.

Left: Herman Miller Aeron. Right: Herman Miller Embody.

The Embody is one of Herman Miller’s more recent releases in its office chair catalog, featuring the company’s Pixelated Support system to conform to your movement and plenty of seat and armrest adjustments. Herman Miller claims that the Embody was designed with input from 30 physicians and scientists in biomechanics, vision, physical therapy, and ergonomics. In addition to the ergonomic comfort, Herman Miller states that the Embody will help increase blood circulation and lower your heart rate.

Herman Miller also created a gaming version of the Embody in partnership with Logitech that’s identical to the office version but comes with a fabric construction and some tweaks to the backrest padding. In our review of the Embody gaming chair, we found that the narrow backrest gave “the sense that the Embody is designed to keep you forward-and-upright while sitting” was “arguably the right call for an hours-every-day office chair.” The armrest design made the chair otherwise difficult to use if you’re reclining to game with a controller.

  • Herman Miller Embody office chair for $1,990 at Herman Miller
  • Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody gaming chair for $1,695 at Herman Miller

And while we haven’t tested the company’s medical claims about the Embody, we simply loved the clean design and the comfort from the Pixelated Support on the rear of the chair’s back. You likely won’t find all the promoted design and health benefits, but if you want to replicate the aesthetic of the Embody, there are some alternatives. Though not substitutes for the original, these provide comfort and support at more affordable prices.

  • Sytas ergonomic office chair with mesh back for $180 with $20 coupon (was $250) at Amazon
  • Kerdom ergonomic office chair for $130 with $20 coupon (was $150) at Amazon
  • Ticova office chair with lumbar support for $140 with $50 coupon (was $300) at Amazon

None of the three chairs listed above come with Herman Miller’s Pixelated Support, but if you’re looking for added back support, the Ticova comes closest with its lumbar support.

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